My name is Abbey and over the last decade or so I have been on the complicated and confusing journey that is chronic illness. Two Heaped Teaspoons is here to share everything related to food, feminism and feeling fed-up that I have learnt (or tried to) along the way.

I am a UK registered dietitian - I graduated from King's College London in 2016. I chose a career in nutrition after my own health battles - previously I was an art student with no interest in science or how the human body worked, but after realising that food effected my symptoms, I decided to start studying nutrition and all the weird and wonderful things the food we eat is capable of. 

In May 2015 I finally received a diagnosis after 11 years of searching for answers: I have been suffering from chronic "silent migraines" since the age of 14. They are a complicated and relatively rare form of migraine that had been getting progressively worse and hindering my life in a number of ways as they hid undiagnosed.

Migraines of any type are incredibly personal to each sufferer and nothing written here should be taken as medical advice. Instead, this is me attempting to share anything useful I have picked up over the years - from coping strategies to cake recipes. Sometimes those are the same thing...