My name is Abbey and I am a UK Registered Dietitian. I decided to create Two Heaped Teaspoons for schools because I was aware that there were certain areas of nutrition that young people were confused about. I conducted research and found that many students were asking for practical nutrition information that could be applied to their everyday lives. This included persistent concerns about social media and body image in the context of healthy eating. 

Two Heaped Teaspoons offer workshops, lessons and resources that add a new dimension to student's nutrition education. Reacting to the digital landscape, sessions focus both on evidence-based, scientific nutrition advice as well as encouraging students to think critically about sources of health information they see online, as well in magazines, TV and other outlets.


All of the above is reflective of a standard package, but feel free to submit an enquiry if you would like something different, and we can work together to make that happen.

These workshops have been developed to meet the needs of students based on research drawing from the experiences of thousands of young people. A summary video of this information can be seen below: