Ok, be honest, how many of you have already broken your new year’s resolutions? Whether it was to drink less, eat less, sit around less, the weekend has come and most likely scuppered one if not all of those ideas. So should we all just give up? Resolutions are a controversial thing – many people don’t like them as they don’t find them helpful, but I personally find them useful at focussing me after a sofa-centred mince-pie fest!

This year, as you may have seen, I decided to set my resolutions in a different way. Tired of using January to beat myself up about December’s festivities I sent out a message to lots of my friends and family asking them what they thought I should focus on. I did this because I knew I didn’t have the objectivity to set my own goals, plus I am sick of people nagging me to stop being so mean to myself…

The responses I got varied hugely; from teaching cookery classes to going on more dates to visiting friends who live further away. However, all the resolutions set by other people did have some important things in common; none of them focussed on the way I look, none of them told me to stop doing anything, all of them were focussed on positive changes.

So if your resolutions have already caved, why not get your friends and family to reset them?