"...rewarding experiences from which one is absent".

The Indian meal at my favourite restaurant last week, the afternoon tea the week before, Christmas 2014, New Year's Eve 2015. Things like these have filled my newsfeed and my inbox countless times whilst I sat somewhere else, usually feeling sorry for myself. 

FOMO. Some days it is just inconvenient. Some days it makes me angry. Some days it makes me sad. I have got used to the 'flake' jokes, the assumption I won't attend and the eye-rolling. I can ignore the snappiness of friends when I cancel for a second (third, fourth, fifth) time, the "can't you just come for a bit?", the passive-aggressive texts that remind me that I've let someone down.

There is also a special type of FOMO - the loneliness you can feel in a packed room or at a full table - the feeling you get whilst looking around you that you are just not enjoying yourself like you should be. You want to go home. Everything hurts. Smile and get on with it. A particular night out last summer was a prime example of exactly this for me; constantly on the brink of tears, utterly exhausted and acutely aware that I was meant to be having fun. So essentially, sometimes it boils down to: FOMO if you're there, FOMO if you're not. Ideal. 

And sitting at home on a Saturday night can be a lonely experience. Sat in a new dress, make-up done, with your shoes on texting the words "sorry to be rubbish, catch up soon". Let's face it, social media has only exacerbated this nagging feeling that everybody is having more fun somewhere better with more entertaining people. So for this reason, I have decided to create an online space where all of us who are stuck at home can chat and support each other from the comfort of our beds and sofas. It will hopefully get going the weekend after Easter (the first weekend of April). So if you are unable to dance or drink or even get dressed, consider this your Saturday Night Invite.

Be a part of our gang when you have to apart from yours.