Hustle Hassle

These days it can feel like you have to juggle everything at once in order to make a success of your life – if you aren’t busy then you aren’t trying.

So many women I know have a “side hustle” – partly because we are all renting tiny flats from people with big bank balances, and partly because we all have a range of interests and ambitions. We treat patients and paint portraits, we analyse accounts and run sports teams, we sell houses and write books. We cook, clean, nanny, host, tutor. All on top of our day jobs. This makes me immensely proud, but it also means we are all operating at maximum capacity all the damn time. A night in still consists of our laptop in front of us, emailing, planning, replying. Is it any wonder we are all bloody exhausted?

For last few weeks I have been pushing myself far too much, which when added to a chronic illness has wound up with me abandoning cooking, food shopping, hoovering, washing my hair…. It also means I have been MIA from social media as I have had very little to say (other than mild screams). There has been no food to photograph because I have mainly eaten bread. Straight out of the cupboard. Occasionally with some spread. Fancy.

Self care has not been a priority but I am hoping that can change from now. Well, from tomorrow after I actually buy some food and sort my monobrow out. Look after yourselves, kids.