Silent migraine - it's not all quiet

I haven't done a blog post for the whole of November, and I am not really going to start now. I have had to cancel a trip to Belgium tomorrow in order to get a tonne of work done all whilst battling the dreaded gastric stasis that has decided to rear its ugly head.

However, I stumbled across this on the interweb and had to share - couldn't have put it better myself. This video was made to describe sensory overload in autism but it represents exactly some of the feelings I get when I have an attack. This used to be what I lived with everyday - (it's no wonder my cortisol was through the roof really!). Thankfully now it's less often but if you bump into me running late for uni or having not had any sleep or in any Marks & Spencer's (Always. Every time. Lord knows why) then this is what I am hearing whilst you talk to me. So sorry if I don't really listen or I look super confused. 80% of the time it's because of sensory overload. 20% of the time I have no excuse.  

I originally found this at: The Daily Headache