This is my personal blog and therefore contains my personal views regarding both nutritional and non-nutritional issues. The purpose of this blog is not to advocate any personal dietary choices over others. Many of the recipes I cook and share are suitable for vegan or vegetarian diets, but this is not always the case. Where a recipe is indicated to be suitable for a certain dietary requirement, it is still your responsibility to ensure it is suitable. 

I am currently being treated for migraine under the care of a great consultant who has worked with me to address dietary triggers to make my life easier and to manage my symptoms. This is not to say that if you suffer from migraine you should also exclude/include the same foods as me. If you feel diet may be a factor in managing your migraine symptoms, or any other illness, you should speak to your GP/consultant and/or a dietitian who can help you do so in a safe and healthy way.

I abide to the rules of the British Dietetic Association and HCPC online and offline, and have made the pledge to blog in accordance with the 5 guiding principles of RDs4DisclosureUK. This means I won't provide false or misleading information, and will use appropriate evidence to inform what I write.