Vegan Pancakes

I make no secret of my love for pancakes, I could eat them all day everyday, savoury or sweet. My favourites, though, are American-style blueberry pancakes for Sunday brunch, even with a cheeky bit of ice-cream occasionally. 

The good stuff:

Ok so it contains one of your 5 a day, but I am not going to lie to you, this is not a particularly saintly breakfast. I use white flour instead of brown because I think it works best here, and I fry them in a lot of oil or margarine because I find it works best.That being said, your choice of toppings is the main deciding factor in just how naughty this breakfast is - if you can control yourself (I 100% cannot) then this can be super-healthy. My recipe, however is not for that version.... 

Mixing pancakes.png

ingredients (makes 6, serves 2)

1 cup white, self-raising flour

pinch of baking powder

1 cup milk (I use almond)

1 cup blueberries

tbsp or more of oil/margarine/butter for frying

toppings of your choice


Heat up a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat (I use one the size of single pancake which make life a lot easier!).

Whilst the pan heats, mix together the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl before slowly adding the milk. Using a silicone spatula really beat the mixture until it is smooth and slightly sticky. Tip the blueberries into the mixture and gently mix them in.

Heat up a tsp of the oil/margarine/butter in the pan and then pour in around 2 tbsp of the mixture. You don't want the pancakes to be too thick, as their centres won't cook. Flip them once they are cooked on one side and remove them from the heat once both sides are brown. Repeat this until all 6 pancakes are cooked - you can keep the first few warm in the oven on a low setting. 

Top the pancakes with whatever you like - I usually go for agave nectar, almond butter, some extra fruit and spoonful of yoghurt.